China Post Tracking: What Each Status Update Means

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Tracking packages can be an anxiety-inducing task, especially when the shipment is coming from afar, such as China. However, with the China Post tracking system, customers can stay informed about the status and whereabouts of their parcels. Understanding the various status updates provided by China Post can alleviate concerns and provide clarity throughout the shipping process. In this article, we’ll delve into the different status updates you may encounter while tracking your package with China Post.

Order Received by China Post

The first status update you may see when tracking your package is “Order Received by China Post.” This simply means that China Post has received the shipment information from the sender. At this stage, the package may not have physically reached the post office yet.

Package Accepted by China Post

Once the package physically arrives at the post office, the status will be updated to “Package Accepted by China Post.” This indicates that the package has been received by China Post and is in their possession for processing and sorting.

Item Departed from Sorting Center

After the package has been sorted and prepared for dispatch, the status will change to “Item Departed from Sorting Center.” This means that the package has left the sorting facility and is en route to its next destination, which could be a local distribution center or the airport for international shipments.

Item In Transit

The status “Item In Transit” indicates that the package is on its way to the destination country. During this stage, the package will be moving through various transportation hubs, such as airports and customs checkpoints, before reaching its final destination.

Customs Clearance

For international shipments, the package will need to go through customs clearance. The status “Customs Clearance” indicates that the package is being processed by customs officials. This stage can vary in duration depending on various factors such as the contents of the package, import/export regulations, and the efficiency of the customs clearance process.

Arrival at Destination Country

Once the package has cleared customs, the status will be updated to “Arrival at Destination Country.” This means that the package has arrived in the destination country and is ready for further processing and delivery by the local postal service.

Out for Delivery

The most eagerly anticipated status update is “Out for Delivery.” This means that the package is on its way to the recipient’s address and will be delivered shortly. Customers should ensure that someone is available to receive the package to avoid any delivery delays or issues.


The final status update, “Delivered,” confirms that the package has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s address. At this point, the shipping process is complete, and the customer can enjoy their newly arrived goods.


Tracking packages with China Post can provide valuable insight into the shipping process and alleviate concerns about the whereabouts of your shipment. By understanding the various status updates provided by China Post, customers can stay informed and anticipate the arrival of their packages with confidence. Whether it’s “Order Received by China Post” or “Delivered,” each status update offers a glimpse into the journey of your package from sender to recipient.

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